Ramblings of a nut

Thank you for popping by! This is currently a work in progress but I do plan to update this more regularly once the COVID-19 pandemic has settled down and my work life isn’t so utterly hectic.

Having lost my old website a while ago (and my previous host company deleting everything despite all my attempts to get things back and repeatedly warning them time was running out), it has taken me a long time to start afresh.  

I eventually hope to start publishing photos from my various trips both from home here in the UK and abroad. Some of these will also be accompanied by various rambling accounts of my journeys there and back.

Whilst I love photography, I am far from an expert in it and photos eventually published here will be a mix of old compact cameras photos, dSLRs, compact system cameras and sundry mobile phones. I like to post a mix of the good, the bad and the ugly (or the indifferent) to remind me what worked and what didn’t – hence the title of this site!

Once it is up and running properly, I hope you find something you like!