Other Wildlife

close up of a highland cow

Hilly Coo, Skye

small bird flying over sandy beach

Swift, Isles of Scilly

orange and brown butterfly on a vine leaf


a macro shot of an adonis blue butterfly resting on a blade of grass

Adonis Blue Butterfly, St Mary’s

brown, black and orange butterfly on a plant

Painted Lady

small bird flying over the sea

Manx Shearwater, Scilly

two puffins looking at each other

Puffins, Lunga

close-up of a grey seal resting on a rock

Grey Seal, Scilly

a silhouette of two cormorants standing on top of a rock

Cormorants, Scilly

close-up macro of an adonis blue butterfly highlighting its furry body

Adonis Blue, Scilly

close up of a robin standing on a telescope


great tits on a bird feedee

Great Tits

puffin with sand eels in its beak

Puffin, Lunga

small birds bobbing on the open sea

Manx Shearwaters, Scilly

grey seal and a cub resting on rocks with sea in the background

Grey Seals, Scilly